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Sean Sticek

Creative Director, Co-Founder, Leader, Pak Papi Playmaker

Home: Buffalo NY

Hobbies: exercising, song writing, spending time with friends & family, reading, relaxing, watching the sunset, day dreaming

Favorite ice cream: Cuse 44

Fun Fact: Has not had McDonalds since high school

Instagram: @seansticek

Spencer Sticek

Co-Founder, Networking Liaison, Leader

Home: Buffalo NY

Hobbies: Collecting sports memorabilia

Favorite ice cream: Cookies n’ Creme

Fun Fact: Earned an MBA from St. Bonaventure

Instagram: @spencersticek

Tommy Tette

Director of Media & Content Creation, Co-Owner, Model

Home: Rochester NY

Current Residence: Brooklyn, NY

Hobbies: Going over the top for a simple breakfast

Favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough fo show

Fun Fact: Tommy is the best valet driver attendant East of the Mississippi River

Instagram: @tommy_tette

Monty Sticek

Logistics Coordinator, Papa Pak

Home: Fredonia NY

Hobbies: Fishing, hunting, bowling

Favorite Ice Cream: Vanilla

Fun Fact: “The Blue Whale’s heart only beats 9 times a minute”

Raegen Lester

Graphic Designer, Model

Home: Buffalo NY

Hobbies: Architectural Design, Sneaker Shopping + Collecting, Basketball

Favorite Ice Cream: Coffee

Fun Fact: Raegen’s driver’s license, license plate, birth certificate, and high school diploma are all from different states.

Instagram: @raegeennn

Angel Diesi

Model, Collaborator

Home: Buffalo, NY

Hobbies: Dancing, Watching TV and Movies

Favorite Ice Cream: Loves all ice cream in the form of a milkshake

Fun Fact:

Instagram: @angeldiesi

instagram: @joeyconti2
instagram: @joeyconti2

Joey Conti

Photographer, Visual Artist

Hobbies: Hitting a little white ball around a field, Booking Flights, Consuming Beverages

Favorite Ice Cream: Raspberry Twist (shoutout Sullivans)

Fun Fact: Hates the smell of mushrooms

Steve Plezia

Consultant, Model

Home: Melville, Long Island

Hobbies: watching looney tunes, pottery and long walks on the beach

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies and Crème

Fun Fact: went to college on a golf scholarship

Instagram: @always_steve

Kevin Lease


Home: Buffalo NY

Hobbies: Golf

Favorite ice cream: Panda Paws

Fun Fact: “I have a golf simulator in my garage”

Instagram: @kevandsativa

Joel Hallett

Creative Consultant

Home: Fredonia NY

Hobbies: Designing uniforms on NBA 2k17, short walks to the fridge for a beer, shenanigans with the dogs

Favorite Dessert (dairy allergy): Momma’s Snickerdoodles

Fun Facts: Aspires to be a pro on the beer pong circuit // has an over infatuation with inanimate objects

Jake Lilly

Model, Collaborator

Home: Fredonia NY

Hobbies: Spending time with friends and fam, lifting, adventuring, gaming, basketball, ping pong

Favorite Ice Cream: Panda Paws

Fun Fact: favorite Pokémon is Squirtle

Instagram: @jakelilly3

Tyler Walsh

Website Development, Former Intern

Home: Buffalo NY

Current Residence: Manhattan NY

Hobbies: Entrepreneurship, investing, working out, and helping independent artists

Favorite Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food

Fun Fact: I run a record label that plants trees

Fun Fact: “Some day I will Live Amongst the Trees in the Adirondacks”
Instagram: @eliotttessmer222

Elliott Tessmer

Media Artist, Former Intern

Hobbies: Amateur photography, getting lost in the woods, longboarding

Favorite Ice Cream: Let’s Dough Buffalo

Fun Fact: “Some day I will Live Amongst the Trees in the Adirondacks

Julie Sticek

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Home: Fredonia NY

Hobbies: Reading, gardening, cooking

Favorite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter Fudge

Fun Fact: “Everyone that knows me know I enjoy coffee. I once went to 4 different Tim Horton’s in one day. Fact”

Spencer Witrens

OG, Model

Home: Macomb, Michigan

Hobbies: Photography, Golf, Video Games

Favorite Ice Cream: Strawberry with fresh fruit

Fun Fact: Streams video games at twitch.tv/sparkyypoo and is a huge Denver sports fan

Instagram: @sp_witrens17

Recognized Brand Ambassadors:

  • Timmy B

Home: Atlantic Highlands, NJ— Instagram: @bonnie_clydeman

Wolves naturally organize themselves into Paks to maintain stability, protect their family and assist with hunting. As more wolves unite it allows the Pak to bring down larger prey, which also protects their territory and assist with feeding of the young.

Without the collective of individuals above our Pak would not be able to flourish, grow and impact communities at the levels we’ve been able to. Through the love & passion of our supporters and team it is our plan is to continue focusing on making a meaningful impact through action + products that align with our values. It is also our mission to help our WolfPak Family accomplish their dreams and seek further aspirations. Huge thank you to everyone listed on this roster for their time, energy and dedication.

All Love,

Sean Sticek, Co-Founder of WolfPak Clothing

SHOP: www.wolfpakclothing.com (use discount code PAKFAM for 25% off your entire order)

Instagram: wolfpak_clothing

Twitter: @WolfPakClothing



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