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4 min readDec 26, 2019

Blissfully dissatisfied.

Blissful dissatisfaction summarizes how we feel heading into 2020. WolfPak’s 5th full year of existence. 2019 was headlined with major growth in many important categories in which success is traditionally measured; revenue, sales, website views, etc. We released our very exclusive & incredibly delicious Peach Bourbon BBQ Comfort Sauce as a collaborative project with Burning Asphalt Sauces, coupled with a complimentary LETS EAT tee shirt. We interviewed two NFL players, Levi Wallace of the Buffalo Bills and Niles Scott of the Cincinnati Bengals, along with two touring music artists, Mark Battles and Michael Wavves, all of which can be found on our Youtube Channel. We were able to travel on business to Pittsburgh (twice), Maryland & Denver to create content & spread the Pak love. We hosted an Album release party for our guy & WolfPak sponsored artist Jake Lilly.

Highlights of our clothing releases include:

  • Revenge SZN Champion Tee, which we gladly donated $3 of each shirt sold to our friends at WNY Heroes to financially assist Western New York Veterans & their families
  • Beanie Collection featuring our Whispering Woods & Rocky Mountain Wolf Beanies
  • Blakk & Green Board Shorts + Blakk & Red Board shorts
  • Renaissauce Collection featuring 4 drippy head wear pieces- the Razzle Dazzle Davinci, Columbus Codeine Snow Storm, Shakespeare’s Skittles & Magellan’s Rebellion. Definitely was not the drop to have missed out on..
  • The Baddie Collection. This was a monumental drop for the Pak Mamis, which featured our Immortal HARTthrob Crop Hoodie, Thicc Goodness Crop Hoodie & the 50 Shades of Gray Peach Pak Shorts. Fond memories..

Honestly though, what is more important than anything mentioned above, is how much we learned & all the new amazing relationships we built this past year.

  • We had our first experience with a sketchy manufacturer. No worries though, it all worked out and we learned a lot throughout that experience.
  • We experimented with placing higher order quantities to lower our price per unit on higher quality items. There were mixed results with this process. Fortunately, the growth of our brand has enabled us to sell products fast, while still creating and releasing new projects.

A lot of great times and fond memories were had in 2019. We challenged a starting Cornerback on the Buffalo Bills to a three point shooting contest & won. Levi is our dawg, so much appreciation for that man! He kept his end of the bargain & hooked up the boiis with some free tix to the home opener. We met a lot of incredible people, both in person and online who have showed so much passionate support for our brand & the values we stand for. We were invited to Elkton Maryland to be a part of Niles Scott’s first annual youth football camp, providing him and the kids an excess of vibes along the way. Our photo shoots are always a blast — so much love and appreciation from our main content creator and super talented photographer Tommy Tette + all the incredible models who got behind the camera with us. If you wanna catch a crazy vibe, message us about pulling up to a photo shoot some time, it’s always an explosion of positive energy.

To summarize, we feel as thankful & humbled as ever. We appreciate every single person who buys our apparel, follows / shows love on social media and those who introduce their friends and family to the Pak. Anyone who has helped us in getting to this point, THANK YOU. From the bottom of our hearts, it means the world to us and we could not have done it without you.

You’re a real one if you’re still reading this, and before we send you off, we have a few major shout outs to make.

Tommy Tette — We love you dude. You have infinite potential to accomplish amazing things and we are so thankful for your dedication, passion, and devotion to helping us create. Your support is something we will never take for granted. Thank you!

Monty Papa Pak Sticek- The loving and supportive father of the WolfPak founders, Monty has taken on and flourished in the role of our Logistics Coordinator. The reason our shipping time is always so fast is because of that man and his incredible commitment to helping us succeed, however he can. Thank you for your excellent service, attention to detail and endless support. Love you Pops!

William Duffy — WolfPak’s website developer/maintenance. Duffy has been helping us out since day 1 with our website and bringing to life the vision we have to provide our customers with an easy and user friendly experience. We really appreciate you Duff, thank you for everything man.

Our customers- Without you, we are nothing. Without the people who believe in us and buy our products, we would not have been able to sustain this movement for the past 4 years. We promise to stay true to ourselves, to you, and to the values we stand for. WolfPak is a family oriented brand and we will never take for granted our amazing WolfPak family. Much love to you all.

2020 will be a year filled with prosperous energy, tons of growth and of course we coming hard with them BIG DRIP DROPS.


Written by Sean Sticek

shop: www.wolfpakclothing.com

instagram: @wolfpak_clothing



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