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the most beautiful thoughts are always beside the darkest

Photo cc: Tommy Tette

Late night thoughts; a process that unfolds when the resting body virtually hands the torch off to your brain, at which time the mind proceeds to entertain thoughts it would typically filter out throughout the day. A time where all your wildest dreams seem so attainable, yet also a time where your deepest, darkest, & most anxiety ridden thoughts make an unwelcome appearance. As our thoughts wander, our mind begins to play out different scenarios, often times situations in which we could probably acknowledge are never going to happen. We play back moments that have already happened, with people we love & the dialogue that was shared, moments where we felt strong emotions, then contemplate whether we acted appropriately or not. We question why we didn’t shoot our shot when we had the chance, only to follow up that examination wondering how trash taco bell’s breakfast probably is & I fuckin love taco bell.

.0017% of my late night thoughts:

I think about the next song I want to create, what kind of emotion I want it to portray on the listener, where I should record it, if I should have a feature on it

I ponder of unique locations of where WolfPak’s next photoshoot should take place, who should model, what kind of vibe we want to set, different props for the shoot

I’m also hungry, but I already brushed my teeth for the night so I am committed to not eating anything

I want to get into better shape, and of course, as always, my diet starts tomorrow

I wish we could dream with other people, kinda like multi player dreaming

I dream of working with people who inspire me & having conversations with folks like Will Smith, John Geiger, Dan Folger, Gary Vee, Bobby Hobert, Ben Foley, Mike Stud, Jaden Smith, Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, Wiz Khalifa

What is my greater purpose? What I’m truly passionate about? Am I on the right path?

Why I can’t break my bad habits, even though I am fully aware of the majority of them and their existence & that improvement is needed

One for you to think about: the only time the word incorrectly, is spelled incorrectly, is when it’s spelled incorrectly. think about it

And as we all know, down the rabbit hole we go from there.

To no surprise, the light bulb on this idea flickered when all the other lights were off, the room was silent, & I was alone with my nightly companion L.N.T’s. My relationship with late night thoughts has inspired me to be better & allowed me to open my mind to new realms I want to further explore & others I want to shut out forever. They keep me up at night and sometimes get me out of bed. They have made me feel on the top of the world, while other nights leaving me feeling anxious, unhealthy and unstable. Late night thoughts have granted me valuable opportunities to focus my consciousness & gratitude on the things I appreciate most. I mean I have a bed to sleep in, clean water to drink, I’m healthy, and extremely fortunate to have an absolutely amazing group of friends & family that love & care about me. And honestly, that’s all that really matters at the end of the day. Late night thoughts are fully capable of putting a smile on my face, a pit in my stomach, and everything in-between. More than anything though, they are what make me just like you, human.

Photo cc: Tommy Tette

Wishing you endless love, lasting health, peace of mind & prosperity,

Sean Sticek

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