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3 min readJan 7, 2022


As a brand we’ve never felt compelled to box ourselves in any one direction. It’s always been our plan to explore new ideas and evolve as we go. The past few years we’ve been riding the ebbs and flows of experimentation and evolution in our products, the same way we have in our personal lives. Through these experiences we’ve learned so much about running a business & adapting to whatever circumstances the universe has in store. The world around us is changing faster than ever so we decided it was time to sink our teeth into the industry a bit differently this year & here is how we plan to do it.

4 Release Dates with Expanded Collections

We are implementing a new release schedule in 2022 designed to offer a greater level of structure and stability — while also providing a more efficient method to produce a larger selection of products with each collection.

Like the wolves have mastered in the wild, we must adapt to our environment as the seasons pass and climate changes.

WolfPak Clothing 2022 Release Calendar

4 collections released on the astronomical start dates of Earth’s 4 seasons

Spring Equinox — Sunday, March 20 (Polos, Truckers, Tees & more)

Summer Solstice — Tuesday, June 21

Fall Equinox— Thursday, September 22

Winter Collection — November, Official Date TBD

Winter Solstice Pop Up Event: December, Official Date TBD

Around Buffalo NY we don't need a copy of the farmer’s almanac to warn you about the character building winters. With snowfall as early as September and the holidays shortly thereafter we decided it was best to release the WolfPak Winter Collection prior to Thanksgiving/Black Friday.

To celebrate the Winter solstice and the art of last minute holiday shopping, it’s our plan to host a Holiday Pop Up Shop Event some time in December. Look forward to sharing more on this event as the year unfolds..

The mission remains the same — with our focus on premium quality material, majestic colorways, unique designs + an authentic sense of branding with every product. In addition to clothing we will also be looking to continue expanding our product line in different genres & with new accessories.

There are no guarantees in life so this isn't to say there won’t be a few surprises or that our plan won’t have to be adjusted. But for now we shall continue assessing ourselves as a brand and focusing on what’s within our control. Or so it’s been said — Focus on what matters, let go of what doesn’t.

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Spencer and I are both extremely thankful for the opportunity to continue growing the WolfPak brand and creating some of the highest quality products on the market. Thank you all, we’re eternally grateful for your support.

Much love,

Sean Sticek

CEO / Co-Founder of WolfPak Clothing

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