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6 min readJul 19, 2019

Let us start by saying the past 6 months have been extremely generous to the PAK & we’re so grateful for the amazing opportunities that have come our direction thus far. We set some pretty lofty goals for ourselves in 2019 & followed that up by writing out an action plan detailing exactly how we were going to achieve each & every one. Being able to start manifesting our ideas, goals & dreams this past year has been a truly rewarding + humbling experience. As a brand, we soon look forward to creating opportunities that allow us to give back to both local/global communities & pay it forward from all the blessings we’ve received. The WolfPak brand is no different than anyone of you in this aspect; we are constantly growing, evolving & finding ways to become the best version of ourselves as possible.

One of our 2019 objectives was to find new & different ways to engage with the WolfPak community on a deeper level, whether it’s through personal phone calls, DMs, emails, Instagram live (yeah we did that haha), YouTube, pop ups, you name it. We genuinely want to hear from those who follow & support us — what draws you into the brand? What type of clothing would you like to see from us? What are some ways that YOU feel we can improve our advertising, marketing, content, anything for that matter. We are always striving to improve & grow upon our past creations + are more than willing to hear out ideas from anyone who believes they could contribute. So yes, please feel free to reach out via email, Instagram DM, Twitter DM, etc & we would be happy to hear from you.

So far in 2019 we’ve released several dope projects that we’re very proud to share with you all. Shown below are our 2019 drops in order of release.

Renaissauce Collection, featuring 4 illustrious head-wear gems

Columbus Codeine Snowstorm
Razzle Dazzle Davinci
Magellan Rebellion
Shakespeare’s Skittles

This collection included a little something for everyone in the squad, feel free to take a peek right here for all of the juicy details : https://www.wolfpakclothing.com/category/the-renaissauce

Comfort x Sauce Collection

As apart of this project we were able to experiment with releasing our very own & extremely exclusive Peach Bourbon BBQ Comfort Sauce, thanks in large to our amazing collaborative partners, Burning Asphalt Gourmet Sauces. For more details on both the comfort + the sauce, check out the link right here: https://www.wolfpakclothing.com/category/comfort-x-sauce

Summer drops

explore the vibes at www.wolfpakclothing.com

Customer Quotes

“Most underrated and most comfortable clothing I’ve ever owned” — Spencer Witrens from Macomb Michigan

“Being comfortable and confident are huge components to having a positive mindset. The Pak’s threads and good vibes help perpetuate that positivity, by bringing that swag to the game!” — Nick Hallett from Akron Ohio

“WolfPak hustle; you can take chances or you can take orders…personally, I look good I feel good. WolfPak allows me the opportunity to explore and/or keep it casual in style…either way we fuckin. ei-ther way.” — Money Mike from Rochester NY

Before we proceed on from how amazing our customers are — we first need to share with you a story that truly represents what WolfPak is all about & the type of family atmosphere that embodies our brand:

Upon the release of our Baddies Collection, one of our homegirls reached out & asked if she could get a small Immortal HARTthrob Crop Hoodie. Being the considerate gentleman we are, we said of course no problem at all! She asked if she could pay through Venmo, we agreed & offered her a free shipping discount code in anticipation of seeing her and (or) her boyfriend within the week. Fast forward a few weeks, homegirl texts us to follow up on the crop hoodie & when she might be able to get it. After apologizing profusely for our mishap on the exchange, this girl simply says it’s no worries & that she just wanted to make sure we didn’t sell it elsewhere. As the facts stand, we forgot to get this valued customer her product in a timely manner, so at this juncture we decided to give her a 100% refund & ship out the product ASAP, which we did. We then told her the hoodie was on its way and that we refunded her money. She asked about the refund and the reason for it and we responded by apologizing again for her wait & that we hope she enjoys the new drip. About a week or two week later, THIS GIRL ACTUALLY VENMO-ED US THE PAYMENT BACK! She said that the wait was no big deal at all, that she appreciated our customer service in handling the situation, and most importantly- that she absolutely loved the new hoodie and wanted us to know! Now that’s a real one.

Note: We’ve never claimed to be perfect or anywhere near it. We’re also not afraid to sit here and broadcast this mistake for you all to acknowledge. Things get crazy, business gets hectic and we make errors just like anyone else- but we are happy to have a platform to share stories like this with you. Don’t be afraid to express vulnerability + share experiences with others that provide value in some way. Fact is, shit happens and it always will — all you can do is learn from each & every mistake as much as you can & KEEP GOING.

What to expect in the second half of 2019? In order to maintain our “show them > tell them” mentality, we will only report this for sure: There will be more interviews, blogs, vlogs, surprise drops, a crazy winter collection, a collab clothing project, pop ups, and a few giveaways if you follow us on social media or are subscribed to our email list. The rest you’ll just have to wait and see :)

What else do you want? Let us know @ wolfpak_clothing@yahoo.com

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Spencer and I value every single purchase, mention, website glance, retweet, share, comment — all of it. We’re eternally grateful for your support.

Much love,

Sean Sticek

CEO / Co-Founder of WolfPak Clothing

Website: www.wolfpakclothing.com

Instagram: wolfpak_clothing & seansticek

Twitter: @WolfPakClothing & @slipstones

Youtube: WolfPak Clothing

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